So last year I told you about six video stores that were somehow still in business. Me and Jay went all over Jersey and Pennsylvania to find them, and I was convinced that we’d hit every last one within reasonable driving distance. Fortunately, I was wrong! Welcome to California Video, star of a random stripREAD SOURCE →

I’ve written before about a personal hole in my pop culture nostalgia when it comes to certain memories of stuff that aired on TV back in the day.  As much as I loved Saturday morning cartoons, cheesy sitcom, and celebrity mash-up specials (like the Battle of the Network Stars or special crossover episodes of shows […]READ SOURCE →

  If you’ve ever read much of what I’ve written, you should know by now that food is one of the more nostalgic things in my life.  I can tie so many great memories to different foods, meals, and restaurants that I could probably do this whole blog focusing just on food.  So in keeping […]


Last year I stumbled on a very weird cover of a German movie magazine called Cinema.  It was from 1984 and featured Gizmo and Stripe from the Gremlins on the cover.  Not sure that the artist really nailed the relationship between the two though.  What …READ SOURCE →

After last week’s post on the 5 worst mascots, I decided to do a post of the 5 best mascots/sidekicks.  But you know what the problem is?  There aren’t that many good ones!  For this entire week, looking for any sidekick who wasn’t annoy…READ SOURCE →